Preventive AC Tune Up

We're offering a special Introductory price of $55 for a 21-point Precision A/C tune-up That's a saving of ($60.95)!

Here is what you receive with our 21-point precision diagnostic

ac preventive maintenace
  1. Thermostat inspection
  2. Measure freon pressures
  3. Check refrigerant levels
  4. Clean filters
  5. Check relays
  6. Inspect contact points
  7. Inspect connections
  8. Check heating Function
  9. Check all electrical
  10. Check drain line
  11. Check drain pan(s)

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  1. Inspect evaporator coil
  2. Inspect condenser coil
  3. Measure power
  4. Test safety float switch
  5. Check Motor amp
  6. Check supply grill
  7. Check air ducts
  8. Check temperature
  9. Check A/c compressor 
  10. Fan blade and blower wheel inspection

Limited time $55

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